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Our History

Center for Hope, a ministry destined to impact the world through the teaching and preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ is a thriving ministry where compassion, integrity, and balance are commonplace.  While we pursue our mission to develop effective leaders who will establish Christian Centers world-wide for the advancement of God’s Kingdom, we never forget our humble beginnings.

Center for Hope Ministries was born in the year 2000 on the campus of Illinois State University when then, Pastor Larry Taylor took a step of faith and followed the word of the Lord who directed him to go and launch a ministry where people could discover balance in Christian living.

Starting with fewer than 50 followers, Pastor Taylor and his wife Desetra Taylor led the ministry to integrate further into the community. They partnered first with Christian Faith Center on 502 W. Front Street in Bloomington and later with the Normal Church of God led by Pastor Daniel Rogers.  The latter collaboration marked a milestone in McLean County in bringing a predominantly white and a mostly African American congregation together in Sunday morning worship during what was formerly known as the “most segregated hour” in America.

In January 2001 Pastor Taylor took another bold step of faith in purchasing seven acres of land on the highest peak in McLean County.  Though it cost the ministry everything that it had to secure the piece of real estate, Pastor Taylor was able to make the purchase completely debt free!

Ground was broken on July 1, 2002, and shortly after Pastor Taylor began constructing the new home of the Center for Hope ministries. Complete with sanctuary, classrooms, offices and more, the ministry continued to thrive in its new facility.  In fact, less than two years after its completion in 2004, the new structure was already too small! Growth would come in three different forms.  First, in 2004, Pastor Taylor was ordained a Bishop by the Church of God in Illinois, an elevation that would equip him to lead other pastors and ministers around the globe. Secondly Bishop Taylor launched the second phase of the building project, The Family Life Center which was completed in 2007. It featured a full gymnasium, weight room, additional classrooms, recording studio and food pantry!  Last but not least, Bishop sought the Lord for the growth of the people.  He wasn’t looking for just numerical growth but personal growth that would lead to stronger families who would prosper and be in health even as their souls prospered.

Recently the Spirit has prompted Bishop Taylor to build again.  Plans are underway for a two-thousand seat worship center where those seeking an abundant life in Christ will come from the North, South, East and West to receive the uncompromised gospel through vessels of integrity and honor.

Because Center for Hope Ministries was born in the spirit, it will never forsake its spiritual heritage. As nations such as South Africa, The Dominican Republic, and Liberia continue to call for the rich blessings that this ministry offers, Center for Hope International Ministries continues to look to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  With our spiritual “Joshua” as Bishop Taylor is affectionately called and First Lady Desetra Taylor at helm, Center for Hope looks forward to manifested triumph in the years to come!

Our Location

Center For Hope Ministries
14940 Old Colonial Road
Bloomington, IL 61705
phone: (309) 827-2009
fax: (309) 827-2127


Service Times

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Senior Staff

Bishop Larry Taylor, Senior Pastor
Lady Desetra Taylor, First Lady

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