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Our Mission

Center for Hope International Ministries is destined to promote a natural and spiritual balance in Christian life and to serve our local and global communities in the spirit of excellence.

Our Commitment

We are committed to our member’s spiritual and natural development. With a sincere commitment to God and active involvement within ministry, we believe our members will be transformed into a new person. So they can expect to:

  • Be equipped with biblical tools to live a balanced Christian life
  • See our leaders model the Word of God in words and in deeds
  • Develop life-changing relationships within your church family

Our Outcomes

As Jesus Christ works in and empowers us to fulfill our mission and commitment, we expect to see results in four areas:

  • Family Restoration – Support the family structure as an institution established by God and to challenge men to assume the position as the spiritual covering in the home.
  • Next Generation Empowerment – Leave a spiritual inheritance for future generations. Influence the youth to pursue academic and spiritual enrichment by modeling the way.
  • Leadership Development – Advance excellence in education by training spiritual leaders to minister the Gospel throughout the world. Inspire people to reach their full potential by encouraging personal and professional development.
  • Community Transformation – Impact our local and global communities by providing outreach support, life skills and education awareness, and economic empowerment that will transform lives.

Click here to learn more about our doctrinal beliefs.

Our Location

Center For Hope Ministries
14940 Old Colonial Road
Bloomington, IL 61705
phone: (309) 827-2009
fax: (309) 827-2127


Service Times

CFH Calendar

Senior Staff

Bishop Larry Taylor, Senior Pastor
Lady Desetra Taylor, First Lady

Meet Our Team